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3 common reasons why your water looks cloudy
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3 common reasons why your water looks cloudy

Water from the tap can appear to be cloudy or milky. It is a common occurrence, but is the water any good to drink?

Drinking a glass of water can be enriching and refreshing. But sometimes water turns cloudy when you pour it in the glass and clears up in few minutes. It happens due to multiple reasons, here are few.

1) Due to a rupture in the plumbing, the air becomes pressurized. This leads to the formation of many micro bubbles which makes the water appear cloudy.

2) Sometimes tiny particles from rocks and stone, as well as sand and dirt can get mixed with your water supply. Again, these are generally harmless.

3) If an adjacent pipe carries gas leaks into your water pipe, it generates pressure. Due to this, pressure bubbles are formed which results in the change in water colour.

Top Tip

Using clean and healthy water for drinking and cooking is the safest.