In case you needed any convincing with why it is essential to purify your water before consumption then here you go.

1) Reduce chlorine levelsChlorine in drinking water can cause a wide range of serious health issues, such as the risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, asthma, etc.

2) Lower bacteria levelsE. coli and other bacteria can cause serious illnesses when you’re exposed to them through your drinking water

3) FlavourPurifying water helps enrich the flavour of water without having to even boil it.

4) No more gastronomical problemsYou have greater protection against gastrointestinal diseases since drinking water filters eliminate many viruses which cause these problems.

5) DetoxificationYour kidneys will effectively detoxify if you drink clean water. The body will be able to flush out toxins effectively.

And the list goes on and on but, we think these are reasons enough to convince anyone to purify water before drinking.