Has Fungus Infested Your Wardrobe? Help Is Here!

Moisture seepage and extreme humidity can cause mould and fungus to grow in your wardrobe. Save your expensive clothes and cosmetics from falling prey to fungus.


Has Fungus Infested Your Wardrobe? Help Is Here!

Your wardrobe houses your daily and occasional wear. Imagine if you took out a treasured silk sari from the top shelf for an important function, only to find fungus bloom all over it! Maybe you've cleaned the fungus, but the mildew can reappear. Moist air could be one of the reasons your clothes become mouldy.

However, there’s no reason to fret. We’ve got you covered. With this simple yet effective list of things, you can now easily protect your wardrobe from fungus.

Let’s get started.

Consider keeping silica gel bags in your wardrobe to prevent the growth of mould.

Maintain Proper Ventilation


Keep your windows open. Let fresh air and sunlight into your room to prevent the onset of fungus inside your wardrobe.

Cover Cabinets with Wood


Cover the wardrobe pedestal with wood. It will prevent humid air from making its way in. It really works!

Apply Rubbing Alcohol


Did you know rubbing alcohol can solve your problem? Yes. Using a clean cloth, directly apply rubbing alcohol over the fungus-affected area. Make sure you evenly cover it. You’ll see the problem solve gradually.

Install Fluorescent Lights


Humidity in rooms can occur due to a lack of sufficient lighting. You can use fluorescent lights to drive out mould growing on the walls of your wardrobe.

To extend the lifespan of your favourite designer clothes, it’s important that you store them properly. Try the easy tips above to keep them safe from fungus and mould. Also, always read and follow the washing instructions on clothing labels carefully.

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