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A guide to cleaning and maintaining your suede shoes

Simple guide to cleaning and maintaining your suede shoes without the risk of damaging them.

Simple guide to maintaining and cleaning your suede shoes without risking of damaging them

Suedes are prone to scratches, stains and other damages and are hard to clean. Follow these tips to keep them looking new.

1) Tip 1

Always keep your suedes dry. Brush away any dirt from the sole and body of the shoe with a shoe brush.

2) Tip 2

If there are any stains on the shoe, use an eraser to scrub the area till the stains start fading. Avoid using any kind of chemical stain remover.

3) Tip 3

Using a slightly wet cloth, dab hard on the stains. Use dry cotton to blot away wet patches.A blow dry machine always works wonders.

Top Tip

1) Never directly wash the suedes with water directly. Try to keep a micro fibre cloth handy clean away dirt.

2) Fill your shoes with crumpled magazine paper when you’re not wearing them to retain shape. Suedes do require some extra care so they look better on you.