Getting rid of unwanted clothing it is important, but you have to make sure it’s done in a way that isn't wasteful or harmful to the environment.

  • Swap

    You can always swap clothes with your friends or family

  • Recycle

    There are dozens of options when it comes to textile recycling. Instead of trashing them, recycle them.

  • Sell

    Try uploading on Instagram or other relevant portals where you can sell clothes. We are sure there are people who would love to buy a nice piece of clothing.

  • Soft toys

    Old socks, shirts, woollens can be repurposed into soft toys. Stuff them with cotton and sew them craftily.

  • Bags

    Pick an old shirt. Stitch the bottom and both the sleeves and voila, you got a Tote bag for yourself.

Be creative. Repurpose.