Are you new to using a washing machine and don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry! Here’s a simple instructional guide!

Washing clothes in a washing machine is sure not rocket science. But knowing how to go about it won’t hurt anybody.


Always check the label attached inside the apparel. If the label says machine-wash, then go ahead. If not, wash them manually or send them for dry cleaning.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step instructional guide to help you, just in case.

Step 1:

Sort out your garments according to the quality, material, colour, and size. If there are delicate clothes, use a mesh wash bag. Wash stained clothes separately.

Step 2:

Choose the appropriate washing cycle for different clothes. It should match the kind of fabric you're washing to help maximize cleanliness while also protecting your clothes.

Step 3:

Set the water temperature. Use cold water for delicates and warm water for casual clothes.

Step 4:

Pour 2 cups of Surf Excel into the machine. You can use Comfort Fabric Softener to leave your clothes fresh and fragrant.

Step 5:

Load your washer with the same type of clothes. Don’t overcrowd your clothes; they need space to move and clean themselves.

Step 6:

It’s almost done; all you have to do is hit start! Don’t forget to close the door.

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