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Be prepared and stay safe during the monsoons

Safety first! Here are some really important tips to keep you safe and prepared when harsh monsoon kicks in.


How to Stay Safe During Monsoon | Cleanipedia

The weather could be frightful during monsoon and being a little prepared always comes in handy. Panic should never be on your list of options when it comes to facingunforeseen circumstances. People often suffer major damages to their homes and end up spending a huge amount in order toget it fixed . We have created a checklist which will help secure you and your family during monsoon.

Do not create panic or share unverified information during times of crisis.

1) Stay updated

Be aware of the weather forecast to rationally make your assumptions with the rains. It could be soft drizzles at times and at other times, it could be a furious storm. It is important to stay alert.


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2) Indoor safety

Fix the wiring system. Check if there are any leakages. Protect sensitive electrical equipment by installing power protection devices that can be purchased at department, hardware or electronic stores.

3) Safety kit

Make a disaster safety kit for your home and vehicle with ample amount of food and water in case you get stranded due to flooding.

Stay alert. Stay safe.

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