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How to clean your house quickly

With busy schedules, work, chores and running behind kids, it’s difficult to find time to clean a house fast. This guide gives you the perfect tips on how to clean house fast and easy, so you can use the rest of your time however you want!

Key Steps

  • Wondering how to clean house quickly? Just concentrate on the items that are most visible first. By removing most visible mess items from tables and surfaces, you will notice a world of difference.
  • Have a designated storage space to hide all the clutter quickly.
  • Be sure to check the entire house, as you do not want your guests to see all that clutter in the corner.

When friends or family are coming over, use this quick guide on how to clean your house quickly to turn that mess into an amazingly clean home in no time!

10 Tips on How to clean house fast

Air the room – this creates ventilation, which gets rid of a lot of unpleasant smells. Your guests will also think that it feels cleaner, just by opening that window.

Making the bed is one of the best things you can do to tidy up your room. It makes your room instantly look a lot cleaner! Not only that, but your mom will thank you for it.

Put everything meant for washing in the washing machine or laundry basket. Dirty clothes will make your room look very messy if they are all over the place, so put all of them in the laundry basket or washing machine! If you have clothes drying inside your house, take them off and put them away, your home will look a lot classier if laundry is out of view.

Clean the dishes. Take all the glasses and dishes from everywhere in your house to the kitchen sink, and get cleaning! Not only will this take care of the dirty dishes, the soap will leave a pleasant smell in the house as well – two birds with one stone!

Put unnecessary items into boxes or bags. If you don’t have time to put everything back in it’s right place, then make sure to use a box or bag to store all the unnecessary items. This way, they are out of sight, and you can get back to sorting them out once you have the time.

Wipe down your dining tables and chairs for any dust, dirt and spots that might have settled during the day. Key thing to remember to clean a house fast is to concentrate on your living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Unless you know that your guest is going to be entering your bedroom, cleaning up there can wait.

Stains immediately become apparent when you walk into a room. Therefore, get rid of them with a stain removal cleaner, or at least cover them up! This can be done by covering them with pillows or sofa covers, or strategically place things so that the stain is not visible.

Clean the toilet, since it is almost guaranteed that someone will be using it! No guest wants to encounter a smelly or dirty washroom. This is why we recommend Domex Original Bleach to clean your toilet, please refer to our guide on cleaning toilets to know how to do so properly! Be sure to read the label and directions on the product, and test it on a small area first.

Make sure the garbage bin is hidden away in the cabinet below the sink, and take the trash to throw outside while you’re doing so. Overflowing bins are not a very pleasant sight, and they can smell as well. This chore is best done just before your guests come over.

Broom the floors quickly to make sure that there are no crumbs for anyone to step in. This will make your floor look a lot tidier, and also prevent ants from coming in and going after those small food particles!

You now know the ins and outs on how to clean house quickly.

Top Tip

Moldy smells from wet items that have been out for too long can make your home smell dirtier than it actually is. A fresh citric smell, like Cif Lemon, will do wonders! Please remember to follow the instructions carefully.