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Do you misplace your things every second day? Then this article is for you!

It’s silly, and a serious matter when you can’t keep track of or find small yet important things the next day. You forget the key to your house, mobile, wallet or maybe even your bag of all essentials.

Everyone misplaces things and it becomes frustrating when it happens to you. Time to change it right away with these tips.

  • Designated space
    Keep trays and boxes for specific belongings. Don’t dump everything in one place. So, train yourself as it becomes second nature to put everything in its proper place.
  • Don't panic
    Even if you lose something, don’t panic and assume you can’t find it again. Start retracing things nicely. Being calm can help in such dire situations.
  • Have a backup
    Keep backups or duplicates handy and safe. Make sure you look for the lost item so that you can return the backup soon.
  • Prepare prior
    Everything becomes chaotic in the morning before you leave your house. So, keep everything ready in the right places, a night before.
  • Make it a habit
    Practise these on a regular basis and make them a part of your routine.

Top Tip

If you are retracing a lost item, don’t go around in circles. If the object wasn’t there the first time, it won’t be there the second time.