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Has the renovation of your house left paint marks in your washbasin? Check out this simple method for paint removal!

Renovation makes your house look beautiful and adds a charm to it. However, it also leaves us with the tiring task of cleaning paint marks strewn across various parts of the house.

If you fail to wipe away the spilt paint in your sink, there’s a high chance it may have adhered to the porcelain. Follow this step-by-step process and say goodbye to paint marks, forever.

Step 1:

Spray WD-40. Spray a heavy coat of WD-40, it is lubricant and can be bought at any hardware store. Spray over the paint marks and let it sit for 10- 15 minutes, or maybe more depending upon how stubborn and old are the marks are.

Step 2:

Use a scraper. A scraper or a putty knife will be useful to scrape the paint. You have to rub over it vigorously for several seconds.

Step 3:

Wash. Wash the surface with some Vim dishwash gel and water to clean off the residue and rinse it with water.


Alcohol-based cleaning agents should be your last option if nothing else works out.

Top Tip

 Use a plastic scraper instead of a metal one to avoid any damage to the surface of your washbasin.