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How to deep clean your house: advice for move out cleaning and general cleaning

Has “deep cleaning house” been sitting on your to-do list forever? This guide has plenty of helpful home deep cleaning tips.

Do you ever feel like your usual house cleaning isn’t quite enough? It’s probably time for you to deep clean your house – that’s where you go over the whole house from top to bottom, tackling all those little nooks and crannies that tend to get missed when you clean as normal.

There are other reasons you might need to deep clean your house, too – for example, if you’re about to move out, cleaning is important for renters and homeowners alike. Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to start a home deep cleaning session? This guide is here to help.


How often should I deep clean my house?

It can be tempting to do a big clean of your house once a year, but this isn’t necessarily the most effective or efficient way to do it. The truth is, some home deep cleaning tasks need to be done more often than others.

Here’s a list of what you might need to do, and how often it’s best to do it:

  • Air conditioner coils (once a year)
  • Steam-cleaning rugs and carpets (every six to twelve months)
  • Cleaning your oven (every three to six months)
  • Washing your pillows (every three months)
  • Flipping and cleaning your mattress (every two months)
  • Wiping down refrigerators and food cupboards (once a month, with a cream cleaner like Cif)
  • Dusting blinds, the tops of cupboards and windows, skirting boards, and ceiling fans (twice a month, with a damp cloth)


How can I keep on top of deep cleaning housework?

With a huge task like home deep cleaning, it’s best not to try to do everything at once. Start by making a list of what needs to be done. Include your weekly cleaning tasks in that list, too – things like sweeping or vacuuming and washing out your bathroom.

Grouping tasks by room can make it easier to remember to do them. For example, make a time to scrub your shower curtain and bathroom tiles once a month with a bleach product like Domex, and build this into your routine. On a different week, make a note to clean your oven and attack the filters of your cooker hood while you clean the kitchen.

Use your regular house cleaning as a way to look out for other tasks that might need to be done. If you notice as you sweep that your curtains are looking dingy, for instance, you could make a note to take them to be dry cleaned – or, if they can be washed with water, take them down and wash them with a trusted detergent like Active Wheel.


Deep cleaning housework can seem like a particularly big job, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, you can always come back and consult this guide to get your home’s deep cleaning schedule back on track.

Key Steps

Looking for answers to the question “how should I deep clean my house?” Try these tips:

  • Keep your cleaning products in the right rooms – for example, store bleach products like Domex in the bathroom.
  • Group tasks by room to make them easier to remember.
  • Recruit other members of your household to help out with scheduling and cleaning.

Top Tip

Need a time-saving hack for deep cleaning house and home? Unless you’re doing one big push before you move out, cleaning doesn’t all have to be done at once. Try using your calendar to schedule recurring tasks like carpet cleaning, so you can plan your regular cleaning around them.