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How to organise your kitchen

A well-organised kitchen makes a world of a difference when it comes to cooking and cleaning up! Check our top tips on how to organise a kitchen, and make those much-needed improvements!


Tips On How To Organise Kitchen

Do you want to know whether your kitchen is well-organised? Simply ask your mother-in-law to prepare a meal at home. It should not be too difficult if your kitchen is organised properly, but could also be a nightmare if she reorganises things her way. Here are some great tips on organising your kitchen quickly and easily, without having to worry about family gatherings.

One of the easiest things to know about how to organise your kitchen is to put things away immediately after using them, and keep washing dishes as you use them!

Has your cleaning regime changed during the Covid-19 lockdown?

How to organise my kitchen cupboards

When preparing a dinner for your guests and family, you do not have to constantly keep searching for the necessary ingredients. Sometimes even worse, you will probably come across a few things that you did not even know you had!

Instead, keep your cupboards clean:

1) Avoiding over purchasing of things. Buy refill packs when possible, and try not to buy a new one before emptying the old.

2) Using jars to keep ingredients stored safely, or close opened packets with some clips.

3) Dedicating a cabinet close to the cooking station for dry, canned, or preserved foods.

4) Using the top shelves of the food cupboards for items that you do not use very often, or for storing excess food packets. Be sure to check regularly to see whether they are still good.

5) Organising food and ingredients by categories and how often you use them; you could dedicate a shelf to each category.

6) Dedicating part of a cupboard or some jars to spices used most often.

7) Making sure that your spices are within reach. The best place is usually the counter or a special rack, right where you can see them.

8) Keeping everything that can go bad, like fruits, jams, and condiments, in the fridge.

9) Storing vegetables that do not need to be kept in the fridge, like potatoes or carrots, in baskets.

You might be wondering how to organise kitchen utensils with so much of your cupboard space already taken. Consider this:

1) Storing your plates and bowls in a living room showcase or cabinet rather than your kitchen cabinets.

2) Putting pans in racks that are designed especially for them.

3) Stacking pans inside each other. Put a soft towel between them, to protect them from scratches, especially if they have a non-stick coating.

4) Storing utensils that are not used very often, like baking tins or serving dishes, on top of the cupboards.

5) Using dedicated drawers or stands for kitchen utensils like spatulas and knives.

6) Storing things meant for the oven; inside the oven.


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How to organise kitchen drawers

Stuffed or very heavy kitchen drawers are an absolute nightmare to manage! Here are some good tips to organise kitchen drawers. Do this by:

1) Removing everything that is not required for cooking and the kitchen, and place them in logical places around the house.

2) Keeping a main drawer that is only used for everyday cutlery – use a tray to make sure that your forks, knives, and small and big spoons are kept properly.

3) Keeping a separate drawer for sharp knives and other small utensils.

4) Using a separate drawer to store plastic wrap, tin foil, and other small items like can openers together.

5) Hanging kitchen rags and towels on drawer handles, and aprons on the back of the kitchen door.

Key Steps:

1) Cleaning equipment, cleaning products, laundry detergent, and medicines should always be stored separately from food. If possible, repack these items individually in plastic so that they do not touch each other or other surfaces, especially when you have children who can reach everywhere.

2) The space under the sink is a good place to store cleaning products, but make sure it is not within reach of the children!

3) It is very important to keep your kitchen cupboards and drawers clean, as well as organised! A multipurpose cleaner like Cif Spray is the perfect candidate to freshen up those cupboards and drawers – just take a cloth and start cleaning! Remember to read and follow the instructions on the cleaning product before using it.

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