How to remove leftover fabrics from your washing machine parts

Sometimes your washing machine takes more time than usual to fill with water or drain out or begins to smell. All these are indicators that you need to spend some time cleaning it.


A washing machine requires regular maintenance to function properly. We have an easy DIY process that can save you from the stress of calling for assistance every time.

Don’t overcrowd the machine with excess laundry so that the water can flow easily and also to provide enough breathing space for the clothes.

Step 1:

To start with the cleaning process, fill the washer and set the machine to the highest load size, the hottest water, and the longest wash. Add 2 cups of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda to the hot water to clean the insides of the machine.

Step 2:

Put the water on a cycle for around 15 minutes and let the mixture sit for an hour.

Step 3:

Meanwhile, remove the detachable parts and clean them with Vim dishwash liquid. Open the back panel to clear out the gunk from the drainage pipe.

Step 4:

Use a paper towel or brush to clean the sticky layer of lint off the filter screen and put the load to wash to finish the cycle.

Step 5:

After draining the water, dab the sides and bottom of the tub with vinegar to clean away any residue.

A properly functioning washing machine is definitely a blessing.

Originally published