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wallpapers-are-quite-eloquent-as-they-express-a lot
In the home

Is your home wallpaper outdated? Check out these 6 DIY wallpapers that’ll revamp your home!

Wallpapers are quite eloquent as they express a lot. But on the other hand, it’s expensive.

This is a simple list for you to be well on your way to transform your space one blank surface at a time.

Firstly, stick A1 size papers to cover the specific portion of the wall that you want to decorate with wallpapers. Use a mixture of glue and water (7:3) to stick it. Make sure to remove all the bubbles with a plastic scraper without damaging the paper.

  • Stencils
    Make a stencil of a particular design(s) on a cardboard. Use a sparkling marker of spray paint to colour the stencil on the wall. We recommend working for 1-2 hours per day.
  • Write it
    Choose your favourite phrase or book excerpt and cover your wall with it. Try out calligraphy or cursive, whichever wakes your creative side.
  • Photograph
    Print your favourite photographs of places, people, pets and make them one with the wall.
  • Book pages
    You might consider covering your walls with book pages, music, science research work paper or other vintage paper goods to give a nerdy touch to the walls.

Top Tip

Be careful while sticking paper on the wall.