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Is your washing machine not spinning? Here’s how you can easily repair it!

There could be many reasons why your washing machine is not spinning, most of which is caused due to user-generated errors.

We know that it is a disaster to have a broken washing machine. We’ve created this repair guide with easy hacks to help you fix it.

  • Belt
    The spinning belt can get misaligned due to an imbalance caused by a heavy load in the drum. It's easy to change it if required.
  • Outlet pipe
    It could be blocked by a piece of garment which won’t allow the machine to drain water. Check the pump motor for coins that might be stuck in it.
  • Filter
    Check and clean the filter for any obstructions. It is placed at the bottom of the machine. Also, check the drain pump propeller behind the filter and make sure it is clean as well.
  • Electricals
    Consult an electrician, they can replace non-functioning parts for you.

These are simple solutions to fix the spinning problem of your washing machine.

Top Tip

Avoid pouring water or liquids on the electrical panel. They are waterproof but can get damaged.