Is your washing machine shaking when you switch it on? Here are some things to look out for

Washing machines tend to shake a lot if the levelling is not correct.



When the timer changes from rinse to spin,and the washing machine starts to shake, rattle, or bump, it’s time to level its position or rebalance the clothes inside. Apart from this, follow these steps to stop the machine from shaking.

If it’s a brand-new machine and already begins to sound weird, remove the shipping bolts from the back of the machine.

Step 1:

Figure out the reason for the shaking. It will either be due to improper balance of clothes or poor levelling of the machine.

Step 2:

Tilt the machine. If it wobbles, adjust the screws on the machine's base. If the screws are worn out, change them.

Step 3:

Re-level your machine and ensure it’s standing straight. Re-start your machine now. Follow the next step if the machine is still shaking.

Step 4:

If the screws are worn out, broken or stripped, use shims to support the machine. Shims can be made of almost any resilient, non-degradable material. You can also use wooden planks. Re-start again and your machine should be good to use.

Always keep in mind that in case of serious problems, don’t try to fix them yourself and call a technician.

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