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Make this Diwali safe for your children with these precautionary tips to avoid any accidents from Diwali crackers and diyas.

Diwali is the time to celebrate with sweets, good food, family gatherings, card nights and bursting crackers. As much fun as it may be, bursting crackers comes with some amount of risk. So, while you’re out there having fun, be mindful of the following.


Make this Diwali safe for childrens

1) Clothes

What cloths to wear when you are around crackers

Prefer cotton clothes over synthetic when you’re around crackers. Denims are the perfect choice to avoid any accidents.


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2) Space

Opt for open spaces to burst crackers in order to avoid hurting anyone or damaging anything. Point your rockets towards the sky, keep safe space from other crackers and never ignite them in your hands. Safety instructions are not just for your safety but for the safety of others as well. 

3) Safety

Keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit at disposal. Even a bucket of water or sand can come in handy. Make sure you discard the used firecrackers properly and immediately in a bucket of water to put out the heat.

4) Diyas

The earthen lamps lit on Diwali night are generally placed on balcony or window ledges. Ensure that these are not placed close to any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper.

Don’t forget to share your Diwali crackers, sweets and happiness with everyone.

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