Municipal Water Supply Making You Sick? Turn it Into the Elixir of Health with This Water Purifier!

Municipal water sources may vary from large wells to lakes and reservoirs. Almost every water treatment plant uses chlorine to kill microorganisms in the drinking water supplied by municipalities.


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Chlorine can be hazardous to health when present in drinking water. When chlorine reacts with other impurities in water, it produces carcinogens, which causes pollution and can lead to cancer.

Get your municipal water tested first, in order to buy the right water purification system for your family.

Which Water Purifier is Best for Municipal Water?

Municipal water is supplied to homes only after getting treated, but as it has to run through different pipes, it gets polluted. To ensure that you drink clean water and remain safe from waterborne diseases, it’s imperative to use a water purifier.

There are a variety of technologies in the market, which means there is a wide array of water purifiers to choose from. Each one of them has its own merits which are mentioned below.

Gravity-Based Water Purifier

A gravity purifier is best suited when your municipal water has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and doesn’t contain contaminants like chlorine, dissolved salts, and heavy metals.

  • This type of water purifier contains carbon filters and sediment filters. They help in eliminating chlorine and other impurities from the drinking water
  • The obvious advantage of a gravity water purifier is that it does not require any electricity to purify water
  • A gravity water purifier is affordable and generally falls under the price range of 2-4 thousand

UV (Ultra Violet) Water Purifier

A UV water purifier can perform especially well when the municipal water supply has low levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) but contains microorganisms.

  • When it comes to waterborne diseases (like cholera and typhoid), microorganisms are the primary culprits. A UV water purifier is very effective in disinfecting the water and eliminating such microorganisms
  • UV purification comes with a high powered UV lamp which deactivates all the harmful microorganisms

RO Water Purifier

Reverse osmosis is undeniably effective when it comes to removing impurities. If you want to remain stress-free about the quality of water, then the advanced water purification process of RO purifiers provides 100% safe drinking water and should be your ideal choice.

  • Since the pore size of the semi-permeable membrane that is used to pass water is small, only pure water can pass through it leaving behind all the impurities
  • An advanced RO purification process can remove dissolved salts and heavy metals from drinking water
  • If the health of your family is your first and foremost concern, then an RO water purifier should be your first choice. It may be slightly expensive compared to other purifiers but is definitely the best-in-class when it comes to functionality

Since one cannot consume unfiltered water from municipal sources due to its dangers, it’s very important to guard your family with an advanced water purifier to protect them against serious ailments.

Therefore, it’s highly important that you have a suitable water purification system in your home.

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