Amazing Tips to Keep Your Home Insect-Free

Fed up of pests invading your privacy? No more. Here are some easy tips to get rid of pests from your home.


Amazing Tips to Keep Your Home Insect-Free

Insects making your home theirs can be a worry. You find them in the kitchen or in an area housing plants. The search for an effective way to rid yourself of these pests can be a lengthy one. We’ve made it simpler for you by picking the easiest solutions.

Try these tips to keep insects from trespassing.

During winter, mosquitoes, ants and other insects might make themselves comfortable in your home. Watch out for infestations around that time of year.

1) Seal the Gaps

Fill up small cracks in your walls, the gaps below your doors and around pipes in your kitchen with sealants or fillers. These are easily available in the market. To prevent insects from entering through windows, use fine mesh screens to cover them.

2) Don’t Let Water Collect

Often, stagnant water tends to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Water accumulates in the corners of your kitchen station, your balcony - post watering your plants - around your sink, toilet and bathroom areas. Clean these spaces with a cloth after you’ve finished using the area.

3) Grow Fragrant Plants

Consider growing herbs and fragrant plants in your balcony. Bugs dislike the scent of plants like mint, rosemary and lemongrass and will stay away.

4) Use Onions

Onions can help repel bugs and insects because of their pungent smell. Simply take a bowl of water, drop 3-4 slices of onion in it, and keep it in the infested area. This will stop the bugs and insects from coming back.

The best way to prevent insect infestation is to eliminate their food supply and by getting rid of their favourite hiding spots - cracks, crevices or the space behind photo frames and so on.

These tips will help reduce the risk of insect infestation in your home.

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