Uses of Oxygen Bleach Powder You Need to Know Now!

Oxygen bleach powder can be a useful addition to your laundry products. Find out more about oxygen bleach powder and its wonderful uses here.



Oxygen bleach powder is highly effective in tackling stains. But what exactly is it made of and how can it be used in your wash cycle?

Oxygen bleach powder can be a good addition to your other laundry products. Remember that it doesn’t replace detergent, but can be used in addition to it. Always read the directions on the label for the best results.

What is Oxygen Bleach Powder?

Oxygen bleach powder is a common term used for sodium percarbonate. It’s commonly available in detergents and other cleaning products. It comes in a solid powder like form which is usually diluted in the water before use. Once the oxygen bleach powder gets in contact with water, a chemical reaction occurs and the substance releases oxygen. Oxygen bubbles break down the dirt, odours and germs, thus it’s often used for stain removal. It’s the only product that has a non-toxic substance.

Oxygen bleach powder can tackle organic stains on clothing such as food and drink, grass, dirt, and bodily fluids.

How to Use Oxygen Bleach Powder as a Pre-Wash Treatment

Step 1:

Mix 2-tbsp. oxygen bleach powder in a gallon of water.

Step 2:

Leave the stained items to soak in this solution for about 1-hour.

Step 3:

Wash with your regular washing method.

How to Use Oxygen Bleach Powder as a Brightener

Add 1-tbsp. oxygen bleach powder to your wash along with your regular amount of normal detergent. Refer to the product’s instructions.

Oxygen bleach powder should not be used on delicate fabrics like silk or wool.

How Else Can I Use Oxygen Bleach Powder?

Oxygen bleach powder is a multipurpose product and can also be used on plastic and wood. It’s often employed in the household tasks e.g. for sanitising tools or cleaning bins and pet litter trays.

Remember to always test the applications of oxygen bleach powder on a small area first and consult the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed information on where and how you can use the product.

Key Steps

  • Use oxygen bleach powder for stain removal as it breaks down dirt, odours, and germs.
  • Oxygen bleach powder should not be used on delicate fabrics.

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