From fighting the dampness to picking the right fabric drapes, here are all the quick fixes you need to do to get your house monsoon ready today.

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons. However, it brings along with it a lot of problems such as dampness, high moisture levels in the air, etc. Here are some quick tips to help you sail through the monsoons.

1) Waterproof your walls from the inside as well as the outside. Fill the cracks, if any, to avoid dampness.

2) Use lightweight fabrics to cover the upholstery and also the curtains. This ensures that they don’t hold onto moisture and are easier to manage.

3) Stock up on food supplies and keep a medical kit for emergencies.

4) The high moisture levels in the air and stagnant water create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and an invitation to serious diseases. Use the right disinfectants.

5) Get a routine check for your electric circuits to avoid mishaps due to dampness in walls.

6) Never polish your wooden furniture during monsoons as the moisture won’t let the varnish dry.

Happy monsoon!