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Spring-Cleaning Strategies to Organise and De-clutter Your Home

Are you wondering where to begin your spring cleaning from? Don’t worry, find out the best spring cleaning tips here.

Nothing feels as fresh and satisfying as the idea of spring cleaning! With effective & helpful tips, this article simplifies the process of spring cleaning.

Your idea of spring cleaning might fail to succeed if it begins as an impromptu decision. To make sure that you don’t leave anything unorganised or uncleaned during spring cleaning, we have listed down some of the most useful points.

1) Allot a Specific Day to Start Your Spring Cleaning

Do this a few weeks in advance. The sooner you reserve a day for this, the better you can plan your schedule around that time. This will ensure that social engagements and activities don’t disrupt your plan.

2) Commit Your Spring Cleaning Plan to a Paper

Write a detailed checklist and itinerary (e.g. Wednesday afternoon – deep clean bathroom and shower room) and stick it up at a prominent place in the house. Getting organised this way will help you keep up to your commitments!

3) Stock-up Your Inventory of Cleaning Supplies

A few days before your scheduled day, analyse and stock up the products you will need for spring cleaning your house (e.g. sponge, black plastic bags, gloves, scrubbers, etc.)

4) Make a List of Spring Cleaning Goals

Analyse and make a list of things you want to get out of your spring cleaning efforts this year. If you’re running out of space to stack new books, then one of your goals should be, ‘Clear space for more books in the office room’. Similarly, if you think that you have a relatively clutter-free home, but the dirtiness of your bathroom is putting you to shame, then ‘Deep cleaning all the shower grouting’ should be your priority.

We can’t always find a break in our schedule which is big enough to spring clean our house from top to bottom all in one go.

A lot of us will have to make it happen with a couple of smaller but thorough cleaning sessions spread over the month, instead. If you can’t put a few consecutive days aside to spring clean, break the tasks up into logical batches i.e. first declutter, and then clean one or two rooms thoroughly at a time.

During cleaning and especially when using any cleaning products, remember to keep your rooms well-ventilated. Before trying out any new chemical products, check the labels and follow the instructions mentioned on it. Also, don’t forget to wear the necessary protective clothing.

Key Steps

  • Organise your spring cleaning idea by creating a checklist on paper
  • De-clutter before you start cleaning

Top Tip

Make sure your cleaning cupboard is well supplied with good quality cleaning products, like Cif Cream Surface Cleaner and Domex Zero Stain. Also, test any new products in a small inconspicuous area first.