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Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer
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Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Five don’ts that you must avoid, to increase the lifespan of your washing machine. Read this blog to know more.

Don’t ever treat your washing machine unkindly just because it is a machine. Your washing machine washes clothes replicating the washing motions of your hands. So, just as you look after your hands look after your washing machine too. Here are a few don’ts that you must avoid to ensure a lifelong performance from your washing machine

1) Ignoring the anchoring of your washing machine

Don't let the washing machine wobble by not anchoring the bottom four corners properly. When the machine is out of balance, it strains more as it has to work harder to balance itself.

2) Leaving objects in the machine

Metal and other objects left behind carelessly can damage the machine badly. Besides, this will also damage the items left in the washing machine, so don't throw the clothes into the machine without checking for objects.

3) Misjudging the capacity of the machine

overestimating the capacity of your machine can make its lifespan shorter. Don't put in more clothes and more detergent in a single wash. It is better to do it twice to ensure that your washing machine stays in good condition.

4) Abusing the settings

The manufacturer provides settings for washing different type of clothes. Ensure you use the settings correctly for such clothes.

5) Leaving wet clothes in

Don't leave wet clothes inside after washing. This can cause mould which can damage your machine later, and of course leave your clothes damaged or unclean too.

To increase the lifespan of your washing machine and for it to serve you well, treat it with good care.

Top Tip

Know which washing machine setting works for your clothes, towels, etc. Make sure you read the tags of your clothes and towels so you will know the best settings to use. Increase the efficiency of your washing machine by using a quality laundry detergent, such as Surf excel, which can tackle the toughest stains.