• Spilled oil: After scooping up the excess oil, simply sprinkle some regular talcum powder on the spot and rub a tissue on it in circular motions. This will not only soak up the oil but also the stickiness within seconds. No need of water or soap.
  • Scribbled walls: To remove pencil marks from the walls or floors, use an eraser to rub it off. However, if the marks are stubborn such as the ones from pens or sketch pens, use baking soda or a non-gel toothpaste and rub it over the spots with a cloth. Repeat till the stains vanish.
  • Dull walls: Add some vinegar and washing soda to a bucket of soapy water that you use to clean the walls. It will clean the walls much faster, restore their shine, and save a lot of time and energy.
  • Stainless steel: The easiest and quickest way to clean taps is to rub a slice of lemon over it. This trick can be used on any other trimmings made of stainless steel like bathroom shelves, handles of furniture etc.
  • Stained windows: Add some vinegar to water for cleaning windows without leaving any streaks. Use a sponge or a micro-fibre cloth. For mirrors, simply ball up a newspaper to wipe them clean.

These are few tips to ease up your festival cleaning. Make your festival special with a beautiful and clean home.