A list of simple tips that will help you clean and, maintain the efficiency of your water purifier at home.

Almost all homes are equipped with a water purifier. A growing demand has made it difficult for manufacturers to provide quality service. Hence, it is important to maintain the purifier, in an efficient way, for clean drinking water. We bring you these simple tips to fix minor issues in your water purifier.

1) Over time, the water from your purifier starts tasting different. This happens due to contaminants that accumulate in your purifier thereby impacting the efficiency of your water purifier. If you notice bad odour or taste, you need to clean or change your filter.

2) The filter cartridges often get soiled due to the filtration process. To clean or replace it, you need to open the filter casing. It can be cleaned with just water but it is advisable to change it every 2 to 3 months.

3) Leakages are bound to happen. You just need a couple of spanners to tighten the tubes to avoid drips and leakages. Make sure you call a technician for regular check-ups.

4) Always keep in mind to NOT drink water immediately after reassembling the system.

Keep your purifier in a healthy state at all times for a glass of clean water.