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4 effective kitchen care tips

There is no feeling like working in a clean and organised kitchen. Keep these effective tips handy for a clean kitchen.


How To Clean Your Kitchen | Cleanipedia

These basic yet effective kitchen care tips will help you save valuable time in the kitchen.

We cannot agree more that the kitchen should be cleaned on a regular basis. So, we’ve got you these smart tips to dramatically alter your usual routine and save some time.

Clean your cooking station as soon as you are done with cooking.

1) Compartmentalize

Right from cleaning agents to the spices, box everything. Use racks and shelves for quick access to everything that you need on a regular basis. Place your cutlery at a height and keep children’s things at a lower level.


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2) Cleaning

Always keep your station clean. Switch to dish wash soap for greasy areas. Put newspapers on cupboard shelves to avoid any damage to the cupboards due to heat, oil, and spillage. Use a micro-fibre cloth for effective cleaning.

3) Checklist

Create a shopping list beforehand and make a note of the things that are present in the fridge and other containers. This will ensure that you do not shop for things you do not need.

4) Clean utensils

Food congeals may get stuck hard to the saucepans and the work surface. This means you have to spend even more time cleaning it all away. The trick is to clean as you go.

Happy cooking!

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