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Kitchen cleaning

Afraid of cleaning your kitchen grinders? Here are some very simple ways to do it

Cleaning a grinder can feel like a tedious chore. It is important to remove every bit of the previous flavour. 

If you don't clean the grinder well, you end up mixing flavours and creating odd combinations. With just a few tips and tricks, grinders can be cleaned without any added cost.

For wet grinder

  • Remove the grinding stones along with the holder and clean them under running water thoroughly.
  • Use an old brush to clean off the sticky batter from every nook and corner of the grinder. Wash the drum and wipe the rest of the parts. Assemble them after they dry.

For dry grinder

  • Prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and some water. Pour this solution into the mixer container and grind it for around 30 seconds. Check if all the stains have been removed.
  • Using lemon peels, clean the lid and other parts of the grinder. Let them sit for 15 minutes and clean them with water.
  • Fill the grinder with uncooked rice and give it a whirl. It will pick up all the residue that is jammed up under the blades.

Top Tip

Never try to repair the grinder yourself. In case of any fault, contact a qualified technician or the company’s service technician.