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Choose Warm Water Over Cold For Your Pans and Pots

Cleaning utensils is tricky but this little hack will save you a lot of time at the same time keep your Pans and Pots clean.


How to Use Warm Water Over Cold for Your Pans | Cleanipedia

Cleaning utensils is a tricky job, because even a little amount of food residue left in the dishes, not only looks ugly but can also cause severe illness. We might buy the most expensive dish wash liquid from the market, but there is something more that we can do to keep the dishes spic and span by just choosing warm water over cold. Here’s how it helps-

Hot water kills various bacteria and other micro-organisms, making the dishes safe for use.

1) Superior Cleaning Power

Washing dishes in hot water actually lifts away food and grime from dirty dishes, which reduces the amount of time you have to spend in scrubbing.


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2) Kills germs

As compared to cold water, hot water kills various bacteria and other micro-organisms, making the dishes safe for use.

3) Cuts grease

It gets difficult to clean grease and oil from the dishes with cold water. Stains from ghee and butter condense with cold water, making it tough to clean them. Also, water under 90 degrees leaves a nasty greasy film on your dishes as they dry. Water's grease-cutting ability is severely hampered by cool temperatures, leaving your dishes unclean. On the other hand, warm water not only cleans better but also leaves a shine on them after drying.

4) Reduced drying Time

Hot water dries much more quickly on dishes than cold water. In a sense, dishes dry themselves if the water temperature during the rinse is hot. As an added benefit, dishes dry spot and streak free with hot water.

Though it might take a little effort to heat water every time you plan to clean the pots and pans, one thing is for sure, that this little step will save a lot of your time and effort.

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