While we usually look forward to hosting parties at home, we are never too happy about the aftermath, which involves piled up dirty utensils in the kitchen sink. In such situations, we’ve stood and wondered how to get our dishes squeaky clean again and also get rid of the food odour emanating from them. Removing tough stains of masalas, gravy, turmeric and other popular Indian cooking ingredients is a mammoth task, one that can take up a lot of time, especially if the liquid detergent we’re using is not a powerful one. Also, while the liquiddish wash may remove tough stains from the utensils, there is no guarantee that the smell will disappear too. Also, we’ve tested home remedies like vinegar and coffee, but they’re not always effective in dealing with burnt food and other stubborn stains. So, we’ve come up with a list of tips that will not only help remove those tough stains from your utensils, but also leave them smelling nice and fresh after every wash!


1. Soak The Chopping Boards & Stained Utensils Overnight to Remove Lingering Smells

Chopping boards are the starting point of our cooking and perhaps need more attention in terms of cleaning than we realize. If we talk about wooden boards in particular, we’ve noticed that they tend to have a lingering smell of ingredients like garlic and onion. Then there are burnt and badly stained utensils, both steel and wooden, that are quite difficult to clean if left untreated for hours.

We’ve experienced this problem and therefore recommend soaking the cutting boards and stained utensils in warm water overnight before washing in the morning. You could even let them soak for a couple of hours if overnight soaking is not possible.

2. Use The Right Dishwash Liquid to Scrub the Boards and Utensils


Once you take the boards and utensils out of the water, pour a liquid dishwash such as Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel on them and use a brush to scrub off all the stains. We’ve noticed that once you dry out the boards, there will be no stains or smell left for you to deal with. This is because Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel is a powerful dishwash liquid when it comes removing tough and greasy stains! It has lemons, a natural odour-removing agent, along with active salts, that work like magic on smelly utensils. In fact, the fragrance of lemons lingers on for a while even after the rinse, making your utensils smell fresh and pleasant for longer. We’ve literally managed to clean a sink full of dirty dishes with just a single teaspoon of Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel with no white residue left on them. To add to that, our utensils always end up looking shiny after every wash and we save both time and water in the process! We’ve never used salt or any other solution when soaking our utensils prior to washing and still get excellent results with this dishwash liquid. It is designed for Indian kitchens and aids hassle free washing. We’ve tried it and the results are surprisingly good!

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3. Leave Your Utensils To Dry in Sunlight to Remove Smell and Bacteria

We often forget a very simple yet important step in between washing and using a utensil. Moisture-ridden utensils are susceptible to carrying a strange, undesirable odour, so we must let them air dry by keeping them out in a basket. From our experience, we can say that using a soft clean cloth or paper towel to fasten the process of drying works well too. We’ve read that sunlight works as a brilliant natural disinfectant. Therefore, we also recommend placing your utensil basket out in the sun for a brief period of time, in addition to washing with Vim Liquid Dishwash Gel, to get rid of the bad odour from washed utensils.

4. Clean Your Kitchen Sink for Added Fragrance

While our focus may be on washing utensils to eliminate all bad odour, it is also important to pay attention to the sink. We’ve noticed that the sink gets exposed to several kinds of gunk and therefore can develop a particular smell of its own. So, no matter how diligently you wash your utensils, they continue to emit a peculiar smell, all because of the sink. In our experience, one good way to clean your drain is to use a powerful dishwash liquid like Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel and allow it to sit in it for a few minutes. Then run cold water over the drain for a minute and it will help wash away any residue while freshening up your sink!

Also, the best part is that the dishwashing liquid is available in a wide range of pack sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your kitchen needs!

Follow these simple yet effective tips to keep your utensils smelling fresh after every wash!

If you wrap fish in parchment paper before cooking, it retains moisture, and the utensil does not smell fishy when you wash!

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