Has your amazing wooden dining table lost its shine? Here’s how you can fix it!

Wooden furniture looks elegant and adds to the style of your décor. However, with time, wood loses its shine and requires continual maintenance. You wish wood could age as gracefully as wine. In the interim, you can adopt a few tips to restore the shine on your furniture.


has your amazing wooden dining table lost its shine heres how you can fix it

1) Mayonnaise

Rub mayonnaise over the marks on wood and spread it with a finger. Leave the spread on for a few hours to overnight. Then polish the complete wood furniture with thinner.

Do not scrub the wood with any scratch pad. Use cloth only.

2) Wax

Use a lint-free cloth and scrub wax over the stained area. This tip is highly recommended to restore the shine.

3) Oil + lemon

Add a few drops of lemon extract to a cup of mineral oil. Apply this solution to the faded wood with a dry cloth.

4) Olive oil + vinegar

Mix 1 cup of olive oil with ¼ cup of vinegar and pour it in the spray bottle. Wipe the wood with a lint-free cloth.

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