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Kitchen Cleaning

How To Clean the Kitchen

A deep clean will help your kitchen stay hygienic & look fresh. This step-by-step guide shows you how to give your kitchen a thorough clean!

When your kitchen is sparkling, it’s a joy to cook in. Making sure the kitchen is always spotless can be a breeze, despite grease and dirt caused by daily use. With all the cleaning tips you need for a shining kitchen, this step-by-step guide to keeping your kitchen clean will help you to know how to clean the kitchen without any headaches.

1. Prepare to Clean your kitchen

If you’re dedicating time to an intensive kitchen clean, it’s a good idea to have all necessary products to hand, and declutter surfaces and cabinets before starting to allow access for easy cleaning even in those hard-to-reach areas.

  • Use up food products that are running low in the lead-up to your kitchen clean.
  • Declutter by using stackable food containers to store items that otherwise take up space with excessive packaging, remembering to retain cooking instructions.
  • Recycle empty packaging where possible.

2. Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces and Cabinets

  • Remove any dust or loose dirt by brushing down surfaces first.
  • Spray surfaces, especially dirt and grease spots, with a kitchen cleaning product (we like Cif). Follow the directions on the label, and remove as directed.
  • Wash down surfaces as well as the inside and front of cabinets with a cloth and warm soapy water.
  • Apply pressure right into corners to remove trapped dirt. An old, clean toothbrush can be handy to scrub hard-to-reach spots such as around the taps.
  • Using a clean cloth to dry your surfaces after wiping will avoid any watermarks that could detract from your kitchen’s sparkle.

3. How to Clean Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances need an occasional intensive clean and benefit from a commercial product being left to work on tough dirt for an extended period of time. It’s therefore often easier to apply cleaning products to all of your kitchen appliances one after the other, before returning to the first appliance to scrub it, and leaving again while you work your way through scrubbing the other appliances in a cycle, until all appliances are spotless and you can give them a final wash down.

  • How to clean the oven: Commercial oven cleaning products are the most effective, as they have been designed to tackle tough stains and burnt-on grease. Follow the directions on the label and take all necessary safety precautions first (wear old clothes, gloves, and eye protection – this can be a messy job!). Also remember to ventilate the room before beginning. Cleaning the oven can take a while, so make sure that you leave enough time to complete the task.
  • How to clean the fridge: Remove any shelves and leave to soak in warm, soapy water. You can use dishwashing liquid (we like Vim Liquid Lemon) to clean the shelves. Scrub the inside of the fridge with a cloth and disinfectant spray, soapy water, or both, again using an old, clean toothbrush for hard-to-reach spots.

Key Steps:


  • Handy items to keep stocked up on for cleaning the kitchen include: a multi-purpose disinfectant spray, a cream degreaser (like Cif Cream Lemon), a dishwashing liquid or soap, a mop, and a specialised floor cleaner.
  • Kitchen cleaning products often need to be left on for a period of time for the cleaning agent in the product to work its magic. Therefore, it can be a good idea to rotate around your kitchen applying a suitable cleaning product to different appliances and surfaces, and then work your way back around to each item to start scrubbing!
  • Always remember to read the instructions on any cleaning product before using, to test it on a small area of the surface first, and to wear rubber clothes.

4.  Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen Floor

  • Sweep the floor first.
  • Use a floor cleaning product for the best results. Dilute the solution according to the product’s instructions, and always test initially on an out-of-sight area.
  • Use a mop to spread the detergent solution thinly across the floor, working from the furthest corner of the room first and making sure everything else is already finished.
  • Leave to dry before re-entering. Be sure to keep pets out of the room to avoid any paw prints ruining your freshly cleaned floor!

How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean on a Daily Basis

By using disinfectant sprays or wipes on a spillage as soon as it happens, you can keep your kitchen at a constant sparkle. These handy tips for kitchen cleaning will allow you to easily keep on top of kitchen grime and reduce how often your kitchen needs an intensive clean.

  • Keep your kitchen cleaning tools easily accessible so that you can scrub any marks as soon as possible.
  • Dry up water splashes around the sink and on chrome appliances immediately with a clean cloth to leave them shining.
  • Take a minute to wipe down sides and sweep the floor after every time you cook.
  • Remove unused items from the cabinets and fridge and wipe down before you go shopping, so that you always have a clean space waiting to store your food in.

Top Tip

Using products like Cif Cream Lemon Surface Cleaner to clean your kitchen makes it easy to stay on top of the mess! Tackling spills and messes when they happen is the best strategy (stains and burnt-on grease are more difficult to clean if they are dried on or old!), as well as doing a regular clean of the kitchen every week.