Is all that deep frying making your fridge surface oily? Check out this simple method to make it spick-and-span again!

A fridge needs regular washing and cleaning. It’s important to get rid of the greasy stains, oil spills etc. If not dealt with care, the odour will spread to all parts of the fridge.


Your fridge is filled with all sorts of food items and there are chances of spills. Though cleaning it is not the most enjoyable task, knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively will save you a lot of time and effort. Follow these steps for a stain-free and non-greasy fridge.

Using cold water instead of hot water helps keep the colour of your clothes intact.

Step 1:

Prep before you begin. Take out all the food items and empty the fridge. Dispose of any rotten, spilt or inedible food item.

Step 2:

Take out the shelves and drawers. Place them near the kitchen sink, where they will be much easier to clean.

Step 3:

Washing shelves and drawers. Wash them in the sink with clean water. Pour 2 drops of Vim dishwashing gel on a scrubber and scrub all the parts nicely. Wash them again in clean water. Let them dry for some time.

Step 4:

Clean the interiors of the fridge. Mix 2 tablespoons each of vinegar and baking soda in warm water. Dip a clean cloth inside the solution and wipe away all the stubborn stains. Don’t miss out any corner, especially the inside of the doors.

Step 5:

Put the shelves and drawers back and clean the gasket. Take a bowl and fill it with vinegar and water in equal proportions. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and wipe the gasket. Pat the gasket dry. Apply lemon oil to keep the rubber supple.

Now, reintroduce the food back inside!

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