Must-know tips to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Nothing irks us more than seeing ants crawling all over a batch of freshly fried jalebis or cockroaches crawling around the corners of the kithcen.


Follow these effective tips to ensure a pest-free kitchen.

1) Seal it up


Without proper fittings or sealants, pests find an easy way to enter your kitchen and start breeding. Make sure the crevices of your kitchen walls, exterior doors and pipes are sealed properly where you find gaps.

2) Don’t leave your food in open containers:


Pests can detect any food items from afar. Make sure you keep all your food items sealed in containers. You can use zip-lock pouches or containers to store your food items.

3) Get rid of leftovers immediately:


Leaving food out in cardboard boxes, paper bags, or silver foils is like asking for the bugs to start making reservations at your dinner table. The moment any box of sweets is over, just throw it in the dustbin and don’t forget to clean the floor.

Keep food away from open areas and ensure that the bin is not overflowing.

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