Forgot to cover your gas stove during house painting? Relax! This easy hack will get the paint out in a few minutes!

During home renovation, things tend to get messy and go out of hand. Amidst all the prep, it is possible that you have forgotten to cover your couch or maybe an appliance or two which is now stained with paint.


forgot to cover your gas stove during house painting relax this easy hack will get the paint out in a few minutes

You can get rid of paint stains from your gas stove in just a few minutes by following the step-by-step process mentioned below.

Avoid using a steel wire brush. It will result in scratches on the surface of the stove.

Step 1:

Spray WD-40. Spray a heavy coat of WD-40, a lubricant that can be bought at any hardware store on the stained surface and let it sit for 10- 15 minutes. You may have to keep it longer depending upon how stubborn the stain is.

Step 2:

Use a scraper. Use a scraper or a putty knife to scrape off the paint.

Step 3

Wash. Wash the surface with some Vim dishwash gel and water to clean off the residue. Rinse it with water.

Next time do not forget to cover your gas stove, furniture, and other appliances before painting your house.

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