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Step-by-Step Instructions to Clean Your Refrigerator

To keep your food safe, it’s important to clean your fridge regularly. Here’s an easy surface cleaning method to keep your fridge looking tidy and hygienic.


Step-by-Step Instructions to Clean Your Refrigerator

It’s important to keep your fridge clean and tidy. It houses both raw and cooked food items, as well as drinks and condiments. At first, cleaning your refrigerator might seem like a time-consuming and daunting task, but you need not worry. In this article, we have explained the right cleaning tips and smart cleaning ingredients to make your fridge cleaning exercise fuss-free.

Step 1: Empty Your Refrigerator and Unplug

It’s good to empty your refrigerator before you start cleaning. This eliminates the risk of your cleaning ingredients coming in contact with your food. Empty your refrigerator of its contents and then unplug it.

Step 2: Clean the Drawers and Shelves

Take out the drawers and shelves to make the cleaning process easy. Fill a bucket with warm water and add 3-4 tsp. of dishwashing liquid. Mix well. Soak a sponge in this cleaning solution and wipe the drawers and shelves thoroughly.


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Step 3: Clean the Interiors and Exteriors

To clean the interiors and exteriors, make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water. Dampen a clean sponge in this solution and wipe the surfaces of your fridge. Once done, wipe away the residue with a clean cotton cloth. Ensure there is no residue moisture as this can cause streaks. 

Step 4: Clean the Door Handles

You’ll need a concentrated cleaning solution to clean the door handles to remove tough dirt deposits and grease accumulation. Mix ½ a tsp. of dishwashing liquid and ½ a tsp. of vinegar in a bowl of warm water. Dampen a sponge in this solution and clean thoroughly. Wipe with a cotton cloth to remove residue and moisture.

Step 5: Clean the Gasket

In a bowl, mix 1 cup each of vinegar and water. Dip a clean cloth in this solution and wipe the gasket. Pat it dry with a clean towel. Then apply a few drops of lemon essential oil on it using a soft-bristled brush. This will keep the rubber supple.

Step 6: Treat the Stubborn Stains

For any stubborn stains, make a paste of vinegar and baking soda, 2 tbsp. each. Use a clean cloth to rub the stains with this paste. Then, dip a sponge in plain water and wipe clean. Remember to clean the inner corners of your fridge thoroughly.

Your fridge should now be clean and ready to be restocked. If you’re wondering, ‘how often should I clean my fridge?’, the answer is once every 2-3 months.

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