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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Washing Your White Clothes

Does cleaning your white clothes worry you? Check out these simple cleaning tips to keep your whites clean!


6 Tips to Wash your White Clothes | Cleanipedia

There’s nothing more elegant than a crisp white outfit. However, white garments are also a risky choice because they get dirty easily. What’s more, dirt on your whites is easily noticeable. We have a few tips and tricks for you to ensure that every time you step out in your favourite white outfit, your clothes will be clean and you’ll look sharp as ever.

Follow these laundry tips to keep your whites clean and looking good always!

1)   Separate Your Clothes

It’s important to separate your white and coloured clothes when washing. This will eliminate the possibility of other colours running into your whites. 

2)   Don’t Overload the Machine

Remember not to overload your washing machine when you wash your white clothes. Overloading your washer will deny your clothes the space they require to move around. You can always run two cycles if you have a lot of white clothes to clean. 


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3)   Use Lukewarm Water

Whether you are washing your whites in a washing machine or by hand, use lukewarm water. The advantage of washing your whites in lukewarm water is that it helps remove oily stains as well as smells from your clothes.

4)   Use Vinegar

If you are machine-washing your whites, add 1 cup of vinegar to your washer during the rinse cycle. This will keep your whites clean and remove any bad odour.

5)   Always Check After a Wash

After you wash your whites, and before you begin the drying process, check if all the stains are gone. If the stains persist, repeat the washing process. If you ignore the stain and continue with the drying process, it will allow the stain to seep into the fabric and make it difficult to remove at a later stage.

6)   Use a Quality Detergent

Always use good quality detergent when washing white clothes. Also, the quantity of detergent will depend on the amount of clothes you are washing. Remember not to use excess detergent as this can also cause stains. Always follow the instructions on your care label.

There you go! Use these tips to always keep your whites looking clean! 

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