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best washing practices

Best washing practices for different fabric types.

It is always a struggle to figure out how to wash different fabric types. What should the machine setting be? Can silk be hand washed? And amidst all the confusion, we just dump all clothes in the machine with a standard setting. 

Consider this as your ultimate guide to keep your clothes long lasting as you wash them with Surf Excel.

1) Cotton

Wash jeans and cotton pants in cold water. Apply a liquid detergent, such as Surf Excel to white cotton clothes for stain removal. Coloured clothing can be brightened by non-chlorine bleach solution. Warm water is best for washing.

2) Polyester

Polyester is easy to care for, but it holds stains. Rub stain remover on the patch and allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes before laundering.

3) Wool

Wool is washable but dry-clean wool clothing wherever the label states so. Wash and rinse your woollens in lukewarm water. Using cold water to rinse can cause shrinkage.

4) Silk

Instruction labels on most silk outfits ask you to dry-clean only. Washable silks can be hand washed with baby shampoo as they do not contain any additives.