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How To Clean Fabric Shoes: Can I Wash Them In The Machine?

Discover some easy-to-follow methods for cleaning canvas shoes and how to go about washing trainers in a washing machine.

Key Steps:

If you want to know how to clean canvas shoes, all you need to do is follow a few straightforward steps:

  1. Remove the laces before cleaning canvas shoes, either by hand or in a washer
  2. Clean any mud and dirt off the soles and rubber parts of your trainers
  3. Washing trainers in a washing machine brings back the whiteness and works best on tough stains
  4. When washing trainers in a washing machine do it on a cold setting
  5. Stuff your sneakers with paper or rags to help them maintain their shape as they dry
  6. Hang the laces up to dry
  7. Dry in a well ventilated area and then re-lace

Nothing beats a sparkly pair of white trainers, and cleaning canvas shoes can be quite easy. Whereas leather and suede shoes require specialist cleaning, fabric shoes can go in the washer or be scrubbed by hand. If you want to know how to clean canvas shoes in the best way, washing them in a machine is very effective. Just make sure you use a good detergent like Surf Excel and always follow the instructions on the label.

How to clean canvas shoes by hand

There are a couple of ways to clean white canvas shoes by hand – both involve making a washing solution and using a brush:

  1. How to clean canvas shoes with baking soda and water – make a paste and scrub the fabric to remove marks and stains
  2. Cleaning canvas shoes with washing detergent and water – use a few drops of detergent in warm (not hot) water and scrub with a toothbrush to remove dirt

You should be able to get your trainers pretty clean by hand with these methods. However, you can get the best results if you clean white canvas shoes in the washing machine.

How to wash trainers in a washing machine

Don’t just chuck your shoes into the machine!  There are a few steps to follow to prepare for machine washing, whether you’re cleaning canvas shoes or your trainers:

  1. Remove the laces and give them a scrub before they go in the machine
  2. Thoroughly scrub the sole and any rubber parts to remove dirt
  3. Gently wash fabric uppers so you don’t damage them
  4. Place the shoes in a mesh bag, if you have one, and wash on a cold setting

When it comes to washing sneakers in a washer, they’ll only be as good as the detergent you use, and something like Surf Excel is great.

Whether you’re washing sneakers in a washer or cleaning canvas shoes by hand, follow these methods and you’ll have clean shoes in no time.

Cleanipedia recommends

Washing sneakers in a washer is a great way to get them clean quickly and easily. Your machine might even have a special cycle for washing shoes to make it even easier!