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Dampness making your clothes smell funny? Here are some easy ways to get rid of the damp odour

Wet clothes from the washing machine should be hung out to dry immediately. But sometimes it does not happen and the damp odour lingers.

The best way is to prevent odour from forming in the first place. However, it may not always be easy to control or curtail the odour. Try out a few of these hacks to ensure your clothes stay smelling fresh.

  • Spray some vinegar on the insides of the garment and leave it to dry on a hanger for a couple of hours.
  • Put your clothes for a warm dry spin in the machine. You can add a few drops of lime juice to kill the stench.
  • Freeze the garment overnight. This will clear the stench with the next wash.
  • Wash the clothes in the washing machine with warm water and a cup full of vinegar. Do not forget to dry them out immediately.

Enjoy some deep breaths and fresh laundry.


Pre-soak your laundry in warm water and a cup of vinegar before you put it in for a spin.