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How to Deep-Clean Your Bed Linen and Curtains this Deepavali Festival

Celebrate the importance of Diwali and enhance the good vibes in your home with clean and fresh bed linen and curtains. Here’s your handy cleaning guide!


How to Clean Your Bed Linen and Curtains this Deepavali Festival | Cleanipedia

Your bed is an integral part of your home and needs a deep-clean before Diwali. After all, after a long day’s festivities and celebration, you deserve a calm retreat, don't you? Try these methods to clean your bed linen and curtains and get them Diwali-ready.

Make individual batches of all your bedsheets, curtains, rugs, pillow covers and doormats and wash them in separate loads to clean each batch in one go.

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1) Bedsheets

You can wash your bedsheets in your washing machine by following the temperature settings mentioned on the care label. You can use a hot water setting to wash polyester fabric, and a cold water setting for cotton. You may add 1 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle; it helps kill bacteria. Hang them to dry on your clothesline in natural sunlight.

 Wash dark and light colours separately.


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2) Cushion Covers

Unless the wash care label says ‘Dry Clean Only’, you can machine-wash your cushion covers at home. Wash on cold water setting on the shortest cycle by adding a cup of mild detergent. Post-wash, allow them to air-dry in sunlight.

3) Curtains

Take down the curtains and remove the hooks or rings. You can machine-wash your curtains on a gentle cycle with a cool water setting, with a cup of mild detergent. If it’s a delicate fabric, place each of them in separate mesh bags and then drop in the washing machine. Post the wash, dry them on a no-heat setting, if you have one. Or you can hang them on a clothesline in the shade and leave them to air-dry. Avoid heat or ironing.

If you have velvet curtains, it’s optimal to let a trusted dry-cleaner do the job for you, to prevent damage.

4) Rugs and Doormats

You can wash your rugs and doormats together, but separately from clothes. Wash them in your washing machine on a hot water setting, adding a cup of detergent and a cup of vinegar. This method will remove dirt and bacteria efficiently.

This Diwali, boost the energy of your home with fresh bed linen and curtains!

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