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do your babys clothes smell of pee even after washing here are a few tricks to get rid of it

Do your baby’s clothes smell of pee even after washing? Here are a few tricks to get rid of it!

One common problem that mums of infants face is the smell of pee on their baby’s clothes. While you take care of other challenges of motherhood, we have you covered on this one.

Here are some effective hacks to clean your baby’s clothes.

  • Vinegar
    Pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar in the first washing cycle with cold water. For the second cycle, use Surf Excel with the same amount of vinegar and run the machine again.
  • Paper towel and dish soap
    Pour 2 drops of Vim dishwash gel on the stained area and wipe clean the stain with a damp paper towel
  • Mouthwash
    Pour 3 drops of mouthwash in a bucket of water and scrub the stained garment. Finally, rinse it.

Dry the clothes under the sun; it is a natural neutralizer of bad odour

Top Tip

Club soda. It is acidic in nature, just like vinegar. Just pour 2 cups of it in the washing cycle and wash it normall.