Easiest Way to Clean Your Santa Outfit and Hat

Santa’s outfit is bulky and bright red, but that shouldn’t hold you back from cleaning it thoroughly. Follow our simple steps so Santa can have his clothes ready in time for Christmas.


Easiest Way to Clean Your Santa Outfit and Hat

Christmas is a season of celebration. You decorate your home, exchange gifts, visit family and friends, and some of us even dress up like Santa. But before you don your Santa outfit and hat, it’s best to give them a good cleaning.

Most Santa outfits and hats are made of blended wool and have a satin lining. They need special care when washing and cleaning. Our simple cleaning method will give your Santa outfit and hat a clean, refreshed look.

Step 1: Treat the Stains

To treat stains, make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 tsp. of vinegar, 2 tsp. of dishwashing liquid in 1 cup of water. Mix well and pour on the stained area. Wait 30 minutes and rinse under cold running water.

Step 2: Make a Cleaning Solution

To wash your Santa outfit and hat, make a cleaning solution by mixing 3 tsp. of mild detergent and 2 tsp. of vinegar in ¾th of a bucket of warm water. Mix well.

Step 3: Soak

Drop your Santa outfit and hat in this solution. Allow the clothing to soak for 15 minutes. Vinegar will remove the stains, keep the colours of your Santa outfit intact and make it soft and fresh.

Step 4: Rinse

Gently rinse your Santa outfit under cold, running water. This will remove all dirt and dust. Wring out the excess water.

Step 5: Towel-Dry

Avoid drying your Santa outfit on a hanger. Most Santa outfits are made of wool and become heavy while washing. The extra moisture will weigh them down and cause your outfit to lose shape. Instead, place a clean towel on a flat surface and lay your Santa outfit on it. Gently wrap it and squeeze out the excess water. Wait for 5 minutes and then unwrap it. Now put the outfit on another clean towel and allow it to air-dry.

Enjoy your Christmas and spread the festive cheer with a clean, bright Santa outfit and hat.

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