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Try This Easy-Peasy Way to Get Rid of Coffee Stains from Your Clothes

Got some coffee stains on your shirt? Worry not! Here are some simple steps to make it shine again!


How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes | Cleanipedia

Every coffee lover is painfully familiar with the angst of having spilt coffee on their favourite piece of clothing. Now, you can relish your cup of coffee without worrying about the stains. As always, we’ve got your back!

In today’s era, both personal and work meetings happen over cups of coffee. But if the coffee ends up on your shirt instead, it can leave behind a stubborn stain. However, do not toss it away just yet. Try this simple yet highly effective three-step solution to get rid of coffee stains from your clothes.

If the coffee stain is a fresh one, you might be able to remove it just by holding the stained part of your shirt under cold running water. Blot the excess water using a clean rag or paper napkin.

Has your lifestyle during the Covid-19 lockdown affected the type of stains you get on your clothes?

Step 1:

Blot the stain thoroughly with a damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, make a solution by mixing 1 cup liquid detergent in ½ a bucket of cold water. Using a clean rag, dab this solution on the stained part of your garment. Wait for 10 minutes. However, make sure the solution doesn’t dry.


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Step 2:

Now, wash your garment in your washing machine on a cold setting.

Step 3:

Repeat step one, until the stain disappears. Then air-dry the garment.

Avoid drying your clothes in your washing machine if the stain still faintly exists. The heat in the dryer might push the stain deeper into the fibres of your garment. So, go ahead and order that second cup of cappuccino for yourself!

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