With these effective hacks, a few decorating tricks, and a little patience, you can turn your overstuffed wardrobe into an organized and smartly utilised one.

  • Discard/pass on clothes that you don’t wear anymoreThey are just lying there for no reason. Make space for new ones.
  • Get rid of the clutter Take off the plastic covering that comes with your dry-cleaned clothes. They don’t really protect your clothes because they trap the dry-cleaning chemicals while wrapped.
  • Use the floor spaceClub your short-hanging apparel at one end of the closet and your long-hanging clothes at the other end. This will open up lots of floor space, where you can place your handbags and shoes.
  • Use the doorsHang hooks to store handbags, belts or scarves on the inside of your closet door. You can place extendable wardrobe rods too.
  • Use laundry basketsAll the old items should be stored in this basket. Place this basket on the top of the wardrobe.