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Getting rid of stationary stains: How to clean oil paint stains and ink stains

Wondering how to clean ink stains and oil paint stains from clothes? Find everything you need to know about cleaning ink stains and oil paint here.


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When it comes to oil paint and ink stains, the faster you start working on the stain the better are your chances of getting rid of it completely. Wish to know our lifesaving hacks? For oil paint stains use turpentine as a solvent and clean ink stains with the help of milk. Then let Surf Excel Matic work its magic for a deep, reviving cleanse.

Indian children are creative, they dabble in art.

Want to embrace your child’s inner artist without worrying about cleaning? Follow our guide to get rid of oil paint and ink stains with an excellent finish.

How to remove an oil paint stain?

Oil paint has a base of linseed oil which is used to mix pigments. Because of this oil base, it can be quite a difficult task to get rid of an oil paint stain.

Thus, simply washing it with detergent and water won’t serve the purpose. Follow these simple tips and you will not have to worry about removing oil paint stains ever again:


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Step 1:

Use a spoon or a butter knife to scrape off as much paint as you can

Step 2:

Pad paper towels under the garment. Use as many as you need depending on the size of the stain

Step 3:

Dip a paper towel in a bowl of turpentine

Step 4:

Gently dab the stain with it

Step 5:

When the paper towel gets dirty, replace it with a fresh one

Step 6:

Continue to dab the stain and watch it fade slowly

Step 7:

Fill a cap with Surf Excel Matic Liquid and pour half of it on the residual stain. Rub the area with the cap

Step 8:

Pour the other half into your washing machine. Make sure you always choose the right type of detergent according to your machine

Step 9:

Run a normal wash cycle. Don’t forget to follow the wash and care guidelines.

Your clothes will be as good as new!

How to remove a fountain pen stain?

Who doesn’t like a throwback to the yesteryear? Fountain pens are very pleasant to write with. However, there is a flipside. A little flick and the ink flies right out, covering your white shirt with a not-so-nice stain. Unlike modern ball pens, fountain pens can easily leak if there is a change in air pressure, and sometimes even a little extra ink in the cartridge, can result in an overflow. But with the right products, cleaning ink stains is not that hard.

Follow these steps to learn how to remove ink stains easily:

Step 1:

Pour chilled milk in a bowl

Step 2:

Soak the stained garment in it. Make sure the ink stain is completely submerged

Step 3:

Leave it to rest for one hour to let the milk fade the stain

Step 4:

After one hour, pour Surf Excel Liquid Detergent in a bowl and wash the garment. Make sure you always follow wash and care instructions

Step 5:

Rinse well and let it air dry.

Now you know how to clean ink and oil paint stains like a laundry expert! It’s time you and your family dabble in oil paint and ink without worrying about stains.

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