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Here are a few things that can help to make your old shoes look new again

If your shoes have started to fade, wear out, or look shabby, it’s time to look for an effective cleaning solution.


How to make your old shoes look new

Here are some easy tips to fine-clean your old shoes and to bring back their lost shine.

Add pressure by going back and forth with the brush to work on deep stains.


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Leather shoes

1) Clean off the dust by wiping leather shoes with a micro fibre cloth.

2) Apply a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar with a damp cloth and let them dry.

3) Rub them dry with a soft cloth.

4) Buff them with the best-quality shoe polish using a shoe brush. Take a silk cloth and fine clean the shoes to enhance the shine.


1) Working in one direction, use a scrub brush to gently buff dirt and dust away.

2) Wipe the shoes with a cotton cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol for some shine. Wring the cloth to remove excess liquid.


1) Get rid of the dirt and dust using an old toothbrush.

2) Prepare a paste of baking soda and water. Using the same toothbrush, scrub the sneakers with the paste.

3) Clean with a slightly damp cloth.

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