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Magic formula to keep your clothes softer

Fresh laundry comes with this heavenly fragrance that makes you want to snuggle up in it. But the softness doesn’t last long.


Magic formula to keep your clothes softer

Here’s something to keep your clothes laundry-day fresh and soft with these basic tips.

Stop laundering so often. The fewer times you wash, the softer your clothes will stay for a long duration.

Make your own fabric softener

2 cups of sea salt + ½ a cup of baking soda + 3 spoons of essential oil is all you need to make your own fabric softener. Add it your washing load.

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    Soak for long

    Fill a tub with lukewarm water and add a cup of salt to it. Put your washing load in the water and let it soak overnight. Put it for normal washing cycle and dry it.

  • Reduce static

    If you don’t have time to soak clothes overnight, wash them normally. Before putting it in the dryer, add 3 aluminium foil balls of 3-inch diameter or wool dryer balls to the dryer with the load. This will make your clothes less clingy and comfortable to wear.

  • Few more

    Wash your colours and whites separately. Also, jeans and hoodies go together for washing. Consider your shirts as delicates while washing.

    Keep these hacks handy for clothes that are soft.

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