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laundry hamper with bright coloured clothing in it

How bright clothes can boost your confidence

Find out how to keep your white clothes bright with this essential guide – it'll help boost to your laundry and your confidence!

Key Steps

  • Wash your white clothes separately from colours.
  • Soak clothes in laundry detergent to help remove yellow stains and use Rin Ala bleach for extra brightness on white clothes.
  • Dry clothes in the sun for extra brightness.

The clothes we wear can often affect the way we feel. Whether dressing for work, a party, or for a casual event – you might find that wearing bright white or bold colour usually helps to boost your mood as well as your confidence.

Of course, the idea of dressing in bright white is all well and good, but with the effects of weather, make-up, and every day dirt and dust ­– it doesn’t often stay white for long. So, in this article, we’ll give you the low-down on how to whiten white clothes at home and how to keep coloured clothes bright like new – plus, how to feel fresh and confident in whatever you wear.

How to Wash White Clothes to Keep Them White

If you’re unsure how to keep white clothes white, here are a few ways to ensure clothes come out of the wash clean and fresh ­– and what’s more: stay that way!

Always wash white clothes separately! You might think light or small amounts of colour will be fine when mixed with white, but even these can transfer and make your clothes come out dingy or dull.

Use a whitening product in the wash. Rin Ala is a good choice as it is specially designed to improve the clarity of white fabric.

Use the right detergent. Rin detergents help to keep your clothing bright like new, whether you’re using Rin Detergent Bar or Power in your washing bucket or Rin Matic in your washing machine.

Soak your clothes. If your white clothes are still stained or slightly yellow, try soaking in a diluted mixture of oxygen bleach, or even lemon juice.

Dry in the sun. Still wondering how to make white clothes whiter? Try placing them outside instead of drying indoors – the sun helps to naturally brighten whites!

How to Keep Coloured Clothes Bright like New

If you are unsure how to keep coloured clothes bright and prevent them from fading, here are some tips:

Turn clothes inside out: Turning clothes inside out before washing helps prevent fading, this is especially helpful for black and dark coloured garments.


Use a colour protector like vinegar: Add half a cup vinegar while soaking to protect dyes from running.

Dry outdoors: Dry coloured items in the shade to prevent fading.

How to Keep Clothes Fresh

In hot weather or during the monsoon, it doesn’t take long before clean clothes become dirty again. In fact, it might seem like your clothes never become truly clean no matter how often you wash them! So, to ensure your laundry smells good, try using a detergent like Rin Refresh Lemon & Rose – this will give your clothes a big boost of fragrance in the wash. Similarly, you might like to use a fabric softener for extra freshness. (Remember to check the care label to see if the material is suitable first).

Occasionally, clothes can smell musty before they’ve even been worn – this could be due to a number of reasons, such as damp storage conditions, or even a dirty washing machine. To avoid this problem, remember to take your clothes out of the machine as soon as the cycle has finished, and make sure they’re fully dry before storing. To clean your washing machine, add some white vinegar into the drum before running an empty cycle on the hottest setting.

Boost Your Confidence

Once you know how to keep white clothes white and colours bright, you are much more likely to stay feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. If you’re reluctant to wear all white – try incorporating white accessories or items into your outfit and see how you feel!

Top Tip

Using a high quality detergent like Rin Powder or Rin Bar can help keep your clothes bright like new.

Don't Forget

Always check the fabric care label before washing, and remember to read the dosage instructions on your detergent, too!