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How To Clean Pillows

Cleaning pillows is something that is often forgotten. Remember, it is not only the pillow covers that need cleaning, since cleaning a pillow itself is equally important! Follow our tips on easy ways to clean pillows!


How To Clean Pillows

Clean pillows are key factors for healthy skin and hair, and a good night’s sleep. However, cleaning pillows is often forgotten, despite that it is so easy and effective.

Just because you are reading about how to clean pillows, it is probably the time that yours gets a good clean! Cleaning a pillow does not only protect you from sweat, dirt, and oil, but also annoying creatures like dust mites! Luckily, while it is recommended to wash your pillow case every time you wash your bedding, you only have to wash your pillow twice a year.

Cleaning pillows can often easily be done at home! Simply put the machine-washable pillows in the washing machine with a mild detergent, like Rin Matic, which is specially developed for sensitive skin. Wash the pillows properly, and you are all set! This is a quick and efficient solution to make sure that all the dirt, oil and dandruff that got to the pillow is cleaned off. This is also an important thing to consider to keep your hair and skin healthy!

How to clean pillows

1) The label on the pillow will give you the best information about how to clean it. Many pillows can be washed in the washing machine with a mild laundry detergent like Rin Matic, which is gentle to fabrics and skin. However, if you are not completely sure, it is a good idea to ask a dry cleaning professional for a better advice.

2) Next, give your pillow a big tight hug. This may sound strange, but it squeezes out any excess air.

3) Place two pillows in the washing machine if possible, this way you can save on electricity and balance the load to strain less on your washing machine.

4) To make sure that the pillows are properly rinsed, run the pillows through the rinse cycle once the normal washing cycle is complete.

5) Now that you have clean pillows, it is important to dry them properly to prevent mold. So, put your pillows in partial or direct sunlight, and make sure that they are properly dry before using them again!


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How to clean feather pillows

Often, the label on feather pillows states that the pillow should be dry-cleaned only. However, for some feather pillows, washing them gently is perfectly fine! Again, wash them with a mild laundry detergent, and do not forget to let them dry thoroughly! Again, if you are not completely sure what to do, it could be best to ask your local dry cleaner for professional advice.

Time for a New Pillow?

How do you know when it is time to buy a new pillow? It is simple! Bend your pillow in half, and if it does not bounce back, it is time to treat yourself to a new pillow! Your skin and hair will thank you.

Key Steps

  • Your clean pillows will stay clean longer with additional protective covers, which would prevent dust and dirt from coming onto the pillow itself.
  • If you have access to a tumble dryer, put in a couple of tennis balls along with the pillows to help fluff them up more. It is not the most conventional method, but it really works! Try it out for yourself, and you will be convinced.
  • Keep a reminder by marking the date you washed your pillows on your calendar. This will help you remember when the next wash is due.

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