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Steps to Machine-Wash Your Dekicates

Delicates needs special care when washing in the machine. Read how to wash it in machine without ruining them.


Steps to Machine-Wash Your Dekicates

Washing machines indeed make our lives simpler by saving so much of our time and energy. But machine wash may be too harsh on our delicates and might damage the fabric, lace or any embellishments on them. For this, the best option is to set your machine on delicate cycle but if your machine doesn’t have this option, here is what you can do-

To wash your delicates, choose the cold or lukewarm water setting in your washing machine.

Step 1:

Sorting: Before loading the clothes in the machine, sort them out on the basis of fabric, colour and work on them. Put all the silk together, lighter colours together and embellishments or lace separate.


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Step 2:

Loading: Always keep in mind to make smaller loads when washing your delicates as this will not only reduce the risk of damage to the fabric, but will also prevent them from getting entangled.

Step 3:

Settings: If you have a temperature control option in your machine, it is the best to choose cold or lukewarm water. Also keep in mind, to use only mild detergents. Strictly avoid hot water washes for your delicates. High temperature can shrink the fabric or make the colour bleed.

Step 4:

Fastening zippers: If your delicates have any clips, zippers, or buttons, be sure to do those up, to reduce a chance of snagging and stretching. Not only this, the metal zippers or buttons can also damage the drum of the washing machine. So it is always better to fasten them before putting them for a wash.

Step 5:

Drying: Never tumble dry or wring your delicates after machine wash. Avoid drying them in direct sunlight. Let them drip and dry in shade.

Washing your delicates, shouldn’t be something to fear anymore. Just keep these things in mind and you can easily toss them into your machine for a quick wash!

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